Creating content fit for a King


Content is King

Since Bill Gates used the phrase "Content is King" back in 1996 marketers have been aiming to provide better, more valuable content.

Creating good content is massively important if you want to provide value to your audience, keep them engaged and improve your visibility online.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is described as "a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action."

As there are lots of options to choose from when creating online media, the next thing to decide is what to use.

What type of content should I create?

The best way to decide what to create is to be honest, think about what you would like to see, be honest about what you're good at and create content around that.

This type of self awareness will give your work a level of authenticity that will be obvious to your audience.

The main thing is to have fun creating, don't stress the small details, delve in and create something fun and informative.

Whether it's pictures, video, info-graphics or just a piece of well written text make sure you enjoy it, liken the process to that of sharing some advice with friends and family, that way it will look natural and sound confident.

Who, when and where to share?

How often and on what platforms you share on will depend on who you are trying to reach.

The demographic you target will inform what you share and where you share it, for instance it's well documented that social platforms tend to "age up" as they develop.

So if your looking to target young teenagers for instance then some thing like is a good option but if your aiming to target those in there twenties - forties Facebook and Twitter would be better platforms.

To determine your target demographic will require some research and access to data, the best way to get this data is through social media and Google analytics.

I will discuss in detail some of the best ways of gathering data and how to choose your target audience in a future blog post.

How often you share will depend on your chosen platform, for Facebook you can share once per day and reach your audience were as with Twitter it's not uncommon to share more posts each day. The reason for sharing more or less content comes down to many factors one of which is how "noisy" the platform is.

For now the most important thing to do is find your strong points and start creating content around your strengths.

I will be posting some tips on what tools (hardware and software) you should consider for creating content on the blog very soon.



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