DJI Osmo Mobile first impressions

DJI Osmo Mobile first impressions

Last week I looked at the Osmo Mobile from DJI.

The Osmo Mobile is a handheld camera gimbal for use with your smartphone, it claims to create an almost Steadicam like smoothness to your video footage.

DJI sent me this out pretty quickly and as soon as I got my hands on it I was surprised by the quality, its feels built to last and not at all toy-like, it’s heavy enough to feel sturdy but not so heavy that I would feel tired using it.

Setting up wasn’t a problem although when I initially tried to balance the gimbal with my iPhone case on it was too heavy so the only way for me to use the Osmo Mobile is with my phone case removed. After a minute or so I was set up and downloaded the DJI GO app from the app store, to set the app up took only a minute and I was up and running.



Now that I had the app linked to the Osmo the first thing I noticed was how responsive the joystick was, it’s analogue so you can have fine movements or much larger (more noticeable) movement, I also noticed that although the footage appeared smoother it still wasn’t perfect, much of this will be down to my operation of the gimbal.

I have also read other users mention that the onboard stabilisation of the iPhone 6S, 6S+, 7 & 7+ can interfere with the Osmo making for a less than perfect result. I think this will be sorted by a firmware update to the device or an app update for DJI GO. There are some cases though where users have experienced different results from smaller phones such as the iPhone 6s vs 6s+ suggesting that the extra weight of the 6s+ is a problem.

One other excellent feature of the app that is seamlessly integrated with the hardware is the object tracking, with this you select an object or person with your finger on your screen, and the gimbal will try and keep this in shot, I found this feature worked really well and would be ideal for bloggers looking to bring a little dynamism to their otherwise static camera.



All in all my first impressions of the Osmo Mobile is that it is an ideal companion when travelling or in our case here at Trend Differently when out shooting video for social media, interviews and vlogging for clients.

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