How to Trend


It is our aim with the Trend blog to give you tips and tricks on how to best create, curate and share content for your website, blog and social media channels.

In this blog post I will let you in on some of the key factors I've found to have helped when creating an online presence for our clients.

First things first

The first thing we do before any campaign is plan!

In order to create a successful strategy for your campaign it's always best to jot down what your goals are and what you hope to achieve. Is it more follows? more website traffic? higher engagement on social posts?

Are you looking to convert sales or just gather subscribers? The exact requirements of your content will change dependant on your target audience and your chosen goals.

Give them value

The most important thing to remember when creating or sharing content is to always provide value to the end user.

Businesses are becoming much more customer centric and adding value in your content is becoming increasingly important.

If you approach your content as a means of merely pushing advertisements down people's throats then think again.

Value comes in many forms, it can be as simple as giving tips & tricks, sharing interesting articles, reviewing products or equipment and even offering free samples of your product/s.

Trend your way

Don't let these tips put you off, there are no rules only tools so get stuck in and start creating content today.

Spend a few hours looking online, reading articles and thinking about what type of things you would like to see. Write down your goals, create a plan and before you know it you'll be creating your own online media 🙂

Remember the main thing in sharing content, give value, give value, give value before expecting anyone to consider buying your products. Gary Vaynerchuck describes this technique in his book "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right hook".

Remember keep an eye on our blog for future posts where I will be delving deeper into how you can give the most value to your followers.

David 🙂

p.s check out this great video from social media Gary Vaynerchuck where he discusses his views on giving value.

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