Manage your time

Manage your time

Well it’s been a while since I updated this blog and in my first post in ages I want to discuss time management, the irony haha.

Manage your time

One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is in order to successfully complete projects on time, efficient time management is essential. I learned from my Dad early on in my career that each day I should make a to-do list and tick off all the tasks I complete that day. I found early on that for me this didn’t work perfectly, although I was noting things down I was never getting through all my tasks.

One reason for this is that tasks often need to be broken down themselves, broken into manageable tasks and areas of responsibility. I never found a productive way to do this on paper, I tried with several things including a PDA, mobile phone note apps etc but nothing worked for me until I found some applications that allowed me to split my tasks in to areas of responsibility, projects with the ability to further tag entries and even delegate tasks. I tried a few applications but the one that has worked best for me is “Things”. Things is “a delightful and easy to use task manager” for iOS and Mac, it makes entering and organising my tasks easy. There are other options available for android and windows but for me, as primarily an apple user I’ve found Things to work really well for me.

Time Tools

It’s not all about an application, you have to work to find a system that works for you, I have learned to look at a task as a group of smaller tasks that I have to complete in a way that allows me to really break up my daily work. In the process of searching for the best way to organise my working week I have read many books, watched loads of videos and listened to a lot of advice, I have narrowed down the favourites that I will include at the bottom of this post.


Over the last few months I have been so busy working with clients and maintaining my education in all things digital marketing I haven’t found the time to post he unboxings and reviews of some amazing products we bought as a company, namely the Mavic Pro drones, Apples new Mac Book Pro with touch bar and the amazing Canon G7X MkII camera. I hope to roll these out in the next week or so, time to add these to my todo list 😉


Check these out:

  1. Things app
  2. 168 hours  book by Laura Vanderkam
  3. Getting Things Done

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