SEO what do you need to know Part 3

SEO what do you need to know Part 3

In this third and final part to our introduction to SEO I’d like to talk about off page SEO.

What is off page SEO

So what is off page search engine optimisation?

Off page search engine optimisation is a really important part of getting your website ranking well in the search engines.

In order to have a presence away from your website you need to look at having good quality backlinks, that link to your site from authority websites that are generally Google approved.

Where to start?

One main way to start your off page SEO is to submit your website details to free directories avoiding any spammy directories. Make sure you list your business name include any key images, logo and location details.
This type of practice is known as Link Building and has to be done with caution, always remember the key factors of quality and relevance.

One other part of your strategy should focus on video content, look at creating YouTube videos for your company that include good informative descriptions and are well tagged, this will allow them to be found easily and linked to your business. The most important factor here is providing quality content on a good platform that is easily linked to your business.

Regular blog posts on popular blogging platforms are a great tool as part your SEO strategy, if you don’t have the time to maintain your own blogs then look into doing some guest blogging on blogs that are related to your business and that you can add value to by giving your professional advice, tips or tricks.

Be Sociable 

Although Google state that they their search algorithms don’t take into account social media feeds when ranking a web site, its well documented that a good social media presence with relevant content helps to make your business and as a result your website more visible on the serps.

There are many social media platforms but by far the most popular is Facebook but don’t forget Googles own social network Google Plus, although its widely understood that G+ doesn’t have a massive following its also believed to be favored by Google and also poses a unique marketing advantage for your company by posting relevant content on a platform that most probably isn’t saturated by other companies in your sector.

There are many more ways to work on your off page SEO presence I have only scratched the surface of search engine optimisation in this series of blog posts, I hope it’s helped give you an insight into how you can help your website rank better and if you have any questions or you would like help with your SEO please get in touch with us here at Trend differently.

For further reading check out book like these: SEO 2017 by Adam Clarke, The Google Checklist 2016 and of course have a look at Googles great guides avaiable at the digital garage many other great guides avaiable online 🙂


David 🙂

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