High quality engaging content is the most effective way to attract people to your products and services.


Our creative team is on hand to help you from concept to final product, whether it's a new video to help promote your business or a 3D visualisation of your latest architectural project.


Video Production

Trend Differently can offer a range of services to provide a creative insight and develop the perceptions of the your brand by creating engaging video content. We can create dynamic promotional videos and infographic animations, multi-camera coverage of conferences and events including professional audio recording and editing, corporate podcasting, instructional and educational content, and produce high quality advertisements for television and digital distribution.

3D Visualisation

Animation offers an opportunity to engage your audience in a fresh, unique way. Our team can create informative infographics that simplify ideas or concepts, show how products work, fit together or benefit the user, or illustrate a problem and your solution.


Sound & Music Production

As well as providing high quality video content, we also have the skills, and equipment neccesarry to provide industry leading sound design and music production servies.

Final Output

Trend can prepare your content to be delivered on a wide variety of formats. The final output can be distributed across a number of platforms from social media to broadcast for television and cinema.


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