Featuring our brand-new cover art inspired by Robocop – introducing RoboTrend, because why not?

Seven years ago, Trend Differently embarked on a digital journey from our dynamic studios in Glasgow.

Our mission? Propel businesses into the spotlight across Scotland, the UK and beyond. With passion, combined experience, state-of-the-art computer equipment, cutting-edge content creation tools, and a vision to help companies stand out, we've championed digital marketing, content creation, web design, and social media management.

As we ride down memory lane, we can't help but marvel at the technological leaps we've witnessed. Just as Officer Alex Murphy got a shiny upgrade in the cult classic "Robocop," the world of digital marketing has seen its share of fancy augmentations, especially with AI entering the scene.


Enter the Age of AI

AI's influence on our marketing approach is undeniable – from chatbots addressing customer queries instantly to predictive analytics forecasting trends. The facets are many: automated email campaigns, optimised content suggestions, deep data analytics, and more. Indeed, the digital marketing toolkit feels almost complete. But here's the kicker...


Humanity Over Automation

While AI streamlines our marketing endeavours, the heart of Trend Differently believes in the magic of human and technology collaboration. Every brand, be it local to Glasgow or global, has a unique tale. And to tell that story with heart? That requires the human touch. Sure, AI can provide trending keywords, but it takes human creativity to weave a compelling narrative. Chatbots might answer queries, but only humans can genuinely empathise with customer frustrations. Algorithms might suggest the best time to post on social media; however, they can't gauge the nuances of a shifting cultural landscape as intuitively as we can.


Collaboration is Key

This narrative isn't about humans versus machines. Instead, it's the harmony between them. Like a pianist deciding between acoustic piano and synthesiser tones, the choice is less about choosing one over the other. It's more about blending the old with the new.

Our steadfast belief over the years? Collaboration. Be it among our team, with our clients, or the fusion of human ingenuity with tech collaboration is at the heart of our unmatched creative marketing solutions.

Darren McGarvey David Roddie marketing consultation

Final Thoughts

We're excited about the possibilities as we look forward to the future. AI will bring more tools to the table, but our human spirit, creativity, and collaboration will always be the stars of the show. Remember, even Robocop had Murphy's conscience guiding him.

To our partners, clients, and readers, here's to navigating the ever-evolving digital realm, always Trending Differently - With a human touch.