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Our Marketing Services

As a close-knit team, Trend has spent many years curating creative and technical knowledge to help businesses navigate an ever-changing digital landscape. We cover everything from social media marketing, content creation and copywriting to full website development. No matter the size of the task, Trend Differently has your back.

Your website is the first port of call for your audience, so your website design needs to present your business in an effective and appealing way. It needs to tell the story of your brand and be easy to navigate. Your website also needs to be responsive to the latest technology, working seamlessly across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Need a digital storefront? Our team of creative digital professionals will produce a bespoke sales and inventory management solution suited to your business, develop and implement the right marketing strategy to connect your products with your audience and produce effective conversion-driven sales funnels.

Trend Differently offers a range of Social Media Management services to help you manage interactions with your audience on your social media profiles, keep an eye on what your audience is saying about you, and deliver content strategies that will keep your target audience engaged by providing them with valuable insight.

Brand stories are no longer written by the internal marketing team of the leadership of a company, they’re written by everyone who likes, shares and comments about your brand on every social media platform and on any page. Their input feeds into your brand narrative and can alter the public perception of your brand, products and services. As the influence of digital technologies and social networks grows, social proof and word of mouth online is more important than ever before. It can be difficult to maintain a vibrant and engaging profile for your audience but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Your digital presence, from websites to social media posts and digital marketing, is reliant on engaging visual content that will persuade your audience to interact with you and do business. Likewise, traditional marketing campaigns on public transit, billboards and in print media require powerful images to convert readers and viewers into clients and customers.

Trend Differently offers a range of audio and video production services to meet every marketing, corporate and business requirement. Our highly creative digital team know how to produce what you need for any requirement. We are able to offer our video production services in the following areas;

• Digital Marketing Videos
• TV Advertising & Commercials
• Live Events (Sports, Music. etc.)
• Documentary Film Making
• Corporate Videos, Testimonials & Internal Communication
• Training & Instructional Videos

At Trend Differently, we know that sometimes all you need is the right advice and guidance to get your business moving. We can help you with either one-off or regular marketing consultancy, looking at all aspects of your business from the online digital footprint, campaign strategy and on the ground, general marketing.

If you need advice on how best to market your business get in touch today.

Creating great visual and graphic content is our passion and it’s our goal to make your business stand out from the crowd. Our professional team of digital creatives and graphic designers are ready to take on any of your graphic design needs, interpreting your business and developing the visual narrative exclusive to your unique identity.

Great brands tell their stories using great graphic design and powerful imagery to connect you to their audience. A positive first impression is an absolute must. Your images will be the first thing your potential customers and clients see and they will be crucial in drawing attention and driving traffic towards your business.

Branding. It’s more than just a flash logo and a colour palette, and great branding, more than ever before, is integral to success in business. You can have the best product in the world but no one will listen if you can’t cut through the noise of your competitors both online and offline.

3D virtualisation is the process of digitally generating, recreating, or reconstructing a physical object or space to create virtual environments that users or customers can explore on PC, tablet or mobile. These environments can also be created to be used as VR experiences.