Audio & Video

Video Production for Digital Marketing

Video content is used for several purposes, from the web to digital marketing to TV advertising. Video is one of the most viewed mediums online, and there are many ways that your business can leverage this as part of your digital marketing strategy. Video content for advertising and marketing online can be very different from traditional TV advertising; a commercial for broadcast television may be entirely unsuitable for your social media campaign!

Trend Differently is a full-service digital agency. We develop digital marketing and content strategies suited to your business goals. We produce videos in the proper formats to connect with your audience on the platforms best suited to your campaign. The following types of digital advertising can use different video content formats in the following types of digital advertising;

• In-feed Video Ads on Facebook and LinkedIn
• Sponsored Video Stories on Facebook and Instagram
• Pre-Roll and In-Stream Ads on YouTube
• Google & Facebook Mobile Ads

Corporate Video Production

Our team is well-versed in creating corporate videos to document your events and highlight clients' products and services. We create content suitable for conference presentations and seminars, implement or improve website video content, and communicate internal programs and initiatives with your employees.

Trend Differently can also produce video content for training and instructional videos, from product demonstrations to fire safety. Need product photography? We got you covered.


Aerial & Drone Videography

Need a film of your property from above? Want to show the scale of your outdoor live event? Get in touch with our team for information on our aerial and drone videography services.

Audio Production

Sound isn't just a background note; it's the heartbeat of a brand's story. We don't just play with audio; we craft soundscapes that pull you in, from crystal-clear recordings to beats that get stuck in your head. Our passion? Creating unforgettable sounds that make your brand pop in the digital crowd.

Together, we can craft audio experiences that resonate deeply, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression.