Helping you tell your Brand story

Your brand is your story and that is equally built on your customers’ perceptions and their interactions with your business and it should speaking in your true authentic voice across all platforms, from website to social media to printed materials and advertising. Your brand should represent and display your company values and beliefs, and align these with your audience. Engaging and developing credible emotional connections with your audience will help your business generate brand loyalty and goodwill, and establish the credibility of your brand.


Remember, your brand story is also written by your audience. They like, comment and share content about your brand and leave feedback on a multitude of third-party review websites. They have the power to make or break the public perception of your brand, business, products and services. Managing your digital interactions has never been more important. Trend Differently offers a range of Social Media Management services and training to help you get the most out of your audience engagement.


How we can help your brand Trend Differently

Trend Differently has a team of professional creatives ready to develop your brand and implement your brand strategy. We will refine your brand narrative, develop your context, create your style and set the tone for your business and brand. Our goal is to help you develop your USP, core identity, and define and deliver your brand experience.

We’re a full service digital agency, producing everything you need to develop your brand image, style and tone. That means we can provide the following services:

Logo Design & Graphic Design

Corporate Identity Guidelines & Stylesheets

Web Design

Conceptual Art

Product Packaging Design

Product Photography

Video Production & Post Production

VR Experiences & 3D Visualisation

Audio Production

Print, TV and Radio Advertising

Digital Marketing Strategy & Delivery

Social Media Management

Maintaining the tone of your brand across your marketing strategy and campaigns on different platforms, and delivering a consistent and authentic message will give your audience a reason to emotionally connect with your brand -  most of the time it is emotion, not logic, that drives purchase decisions. That means developing and maintaining your brand should be at the core of your marketing strategies and it should speak to your business values and your USP.

Trend Differently can develop your marketing strategy, and deliver digital and print content marketing campaigns. Find out more about what Trend Differently can do for your brand and marketing campaigns on our Campaign Strategy and Graphic Design pages.


As part of our Branding Consultancy service, we will evaluate your business to determine how your audience interact with your brand and deliver a report on how you can improve your conversions. We’ll also highlight competitors in your market and highlight what they’re doing well (and not so well!). These reports will be used to re-define or refine your brand, and inform your brand strategy to develop your brand image, style, tone and narrative.

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