Web Design

Your New Site

A well-structured website with high-quality content will keep your audience engaged, convert leads, and drive more sales. Engaging content effectively tells your brand its story and allows your audience to advocate your products and services by sharing it on social media. Moreover, great content and regular blog posts will improve your SEO and make your website easier to find in search rankings.


Whether you’re looking for a brand new site or a refresh, Trend Differently considers all these factors when designing your new website. We’re a full-service digital agency, able and willing to handle all aspects of design, performance and marketing. Our creative digital professionals will develop your website in line with your brand narrative and image and deliver a bespoke digital solution that will direct your audience towards your products and services, be ready for your content and SEO strategies, and improve your marketing funnels.


Web Maintenance

Can your business afford to go offline? Will downtime affect your bottom line?

Keeping your website well-maintained is the cornerstone of reliability. Potential customers might be put off by missing web content, broken links and expired security certificates. Trend Differently offers a range of services to keep your website running smoothly, from regular backups to content checks to the application of security updates. This will give your customers peace of mind and ensure your website's stability and performance.

We can also let you know if you need a more scalable solution to provide your audience with the best possible digital experience. Our team would be happy to assist you in identifying your needs and implementing the migration of your website to a more appropriate hosting solution.



Search Engine Optimisation is the practice that governs how easy it is for your audience to find your website by improving your visibility on search engines and driving organic traffic towards your business online. To achieve a great SEO score, your website needs to be well structured, direct users to what they need, and be full of great content posted regularly that is engaging and interesting for your audience.

We offer a range of SEO services to suit your needs, providing you with a tailor-made SEO strategy and implementation plan.

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Digital Content

On a daily basis, we’re bombarded with digital content, with companies and individuals competing for the same online real estate and demanding your attention. The only way to cut through the noise is to produce effective digital content that engages your audience by meeting their expectations, holding their interest and providing them with value. The best way to build and maintain this audience and keep them interested is to publish fresh digital content regularly. Moreover, keeping to a regular content schedule isn’t just good for your audience. Great written content is also fantastic for your website SEO.


We realise that it can be hard to keep your content rolling out and even harder to find the inspiration to start writing. That’s where we can step in! Trend Differently can design your content strategy as part of your branding and marketing campaign, define your content goals, and produce regular written and visual content for your website.