Case study

Cafe Gia

Web Design, Photography, 360 Tour & Videography

We worked closely with the Cafe Gia team to transform their online presence and digital marketing to show their business off in the best light producing a brand new mobile responsive website, photos and promotional video.

We develop slick, mobile responsive websites that provide information on each apartment that will be available for purchase. The website can also provide a full 3D breakdown of each building and apartment available for purchase. Click here to see the site.

Video Production

We produce promotional videos for clients, which include sweeping shots of the building exterior and detailed shots of the property's interior.

Photography & 360 Tour

To help provide an early look at the exterior and interiors of developments before they begin construction, we can create a series of computer-generated images that would. This would provide the customer with a close approximation of how the interior and exteriors will look when construction is completed.