Case study


We worked closely with Nixon to develop branding and marketing assets for their latest property developments in Glasgow and Paisley.

Branding, CGI, Web Design & Photography

For The Picture House and The Millhouse, we developed slick, mobile responsive websites that provide information on each apartment that will be available for purchase. The Millhouse website also provides a full 3D breakdown of the building and apartments available for purchase.

Click here to see the site.

Video Production

Early in the construction phase, we produce promotional video teaser which included sweeping aerial shots of the surrounding area and an early look at the interior and exterior views of the finished building in situ.

Print, Design & Branding

We developed branding from the ground up for The Picture House, providing design concepts for the title, logo and colour palette. Once a design was agreed upon we applied the branding to both online and print media. During the developer's construction process, banners and hoarding board designs help to provide a first look at the site which includes information on the available apartments and contact information.

Brand design Glasgow
Banner design Glasgow
Hoarding design Glasgow

3D Visualisations

To help provide an early look at the exterior and interiors of each development before they begin construction, we can create a series of computer-generated images. This would provide the customer with a close approximation of how the interior and exteriors will look when construction is completed.

Interactive House Locator

The interactive maps in our applications help to show off the Millhouse property development allowing potential buyers to choose the house they want from a list. It provides information about each plot, such as floor plans with specifications for different types or styles of homes available there too.